Why Going Paperless Could Be Your Best Strategic Move

Apr 10, 2021

You are probably already aware that there are several real estate management software options available for property managers and landlords today. Going online and not dealing with actual paper files sounds terrific until you think about it objectively. Is there any real upside to going paperless with online property management software? Although transitioning from a paper-based environment to a property management system software can be daunting for most small-to-medium-sized property managers and landlords at first, it is incredibly feasible and may be your most strategic move yet.

Here are three reasons why you need an online property management platform

It’s Actually Cheaper

Although the cost of a single sheet of paper is insignificant when compared to the cost of purchasing a rental property accounting software and a computer to run it on, paper costs add up to a lot over time. Furthermore, with real estate property management software like Vatara®, you do not need to purchase an additional device. Since it is all cloud-based, it will run just as well on your smartphone.

Improves Document Tracking

Even the most organized property managers and landlords may get essential documents mixed up, lost, or inadvertently destroyed. An intelligent real estate document management software can index files automatically and also generates custom reports on demand. If you want quick and easy access to your documents or are concerned about data security, cloud-based property management software should do the trick.

Facilitates Property Management on The Go

Property management is a full-time occupation. You may be chasing down past-due rental payments at 2 p.m. and advertising a vacant property at 10 p.m. That is a fairly typical schedule for a property manager. Consider doing it in a paper-based workplace. You would be taking a slew of files from your office to the subway and probably to dinner as well. With residential property management software, however, your smartphone or tablet replaces the mountains of paperwork. You will also be able to coordinate a maintenance project in New York while relaxing on a beach in Hawaii.

If you are looking for a platform for rental management for Landlords that allows you to spend less time managing your properties and more time growing your business, trust Vatara®. Browse our plans and find the perfect match for your real estate portfolio!